Join Us for PeDreTea2:
Co-Creating an EcoVillage

Forest Gardening & Team-Building Intensive
An Integral Permaculture Action-Learning course 
in the Canary Islands

Enrollments from August 2016

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PeDreTea:  Permaculture Dream Tea


PeDreTea2 (Permaculture Dream Team - the second group) is a 2 to 6 month action-learning adventure focusing on hands-on intensive design exploration of Team Building & Forest Gardening (with optional extra design projects) in the 8thLife EcoVillage project in the Canary Islands.

This includes the full 12 month on-line / on-site advanced permaculture course  by the Integral PermaCulture Academy - available in both English and Spanish.

Ideal for all those who seek to clarify their path towards sustainability & wish to acquire the most important skills required for this.

We are creating a documentary about the social, cultural & emotional transitions that we need to make as we learn to live more in harmony with Nature, so we've included a big discount for participants who contribute to this: instead of paying accomodation costs, you can vlog the community building process.

We are all called to make a choice: if we're not part of the solution, we are part of the problem

Who You Are

this unique opportunity is ideal if you -
  • want to take an advanced level permaculture course complete with full-immersion practice in real-life designing on a site still under development
  • are a group of friends thinking of starting an ecovillage, eco-business or other ambitious permaculture project who would like to 'start small' in practice with some coaching to help consolidate your team;
  • or an individual, couple /or family thinking about doing this sometime in the future who would benefit from mentorship;
  • someone who would like to jump-start or accelerate the process of re-designing your life in a more sustainable direction, together with others on the same path;
  • or would like to simply take time out to experience life on a farm, living simply & close to nature whilst helping to co-create an ecovillage project.
  • this is also a good practical introduction for people interested in exploring whether they are a good fit for the 8thLife ecovillage itself, as a permanent future resident.
  • and any combination of the above ...

Who We are


Stefania - Project Coordinator

Jose - Domestics & IT Coord.

We at 8thLife have the land, basic infrastructure & experience.
The Integral Permaculture Academy has the expertise & large holistic wealth of learning resources to help you with this and more. Our mission is to help you find and clarify your path, and quickly develop the skills you need to make your permaculture dreams work.

 Nicola - Gardens Coord.    

Maja - Animals Coord.
Casper - Building Coord.

The permanent residents of 8thLife (the 5 people above) + their team of long-term interns & friends, together with the international tutors & students of the Integral PermaCulture Academy will be your support team on this big adventure: so you start off with the help of a varied & experienced, dynamic & successful Permaculture Dream Team behind you.

Pepa - Mentor (Es)

       Esther - Mentor (Es)
Heloisa - Advisor (Es & En)

They will provide you with mentorship, emotional & practical support,  challenges tailored to your individual needs, lots of encouragement, real-life design opportunities, together with all the high quality up-to-date information you need to move your development to the next level.

Abena - Mentor (En)

Chris - Mentor (En)

 Sabine - Mentor (En)


We live in critical times in which ordinary people can really make a difference, where every single willing person is needed. We must be well equipped & support one another, to bring about the great changes we need to transform our lives, neighbourhoods, bioregions and entire civilization.

Forest Garden hour - from PeDreTea1

We see so many who are already awake to the need for radical life-change, too often struggle for years of frustrating confusion, isolation or indecision... or much trial & error or globe-trotting & expense (often all of those).  

Our experience has shown us that much of the unavoidable growing pains we go through as civilized people learning to live in harmony with nature can be transformed into delightful learning experiences instead of frustrating delays.

Many of us further along the path have already experienced many of the usual stages of adaptation & radical un-learning; we have made the same experiments & mistakes we see many make, and we have spent decades learning from others who have gone before us, also.  

So our deeply felt & joyful mission is to support People in Transition & emerging Cultural Creatives to find their permaculture legs, grow their Change Agent wings & fly, as quickly and directly as possible, towards the great satisfaction of fully living & embodying their own deeply felt mission.  

There's nothing like it!  And we know the world will be transformed when enough of us are fully aligned with Life in this way.   

We have been thinking & experimenting for many years in how to help accelerate this natural succession and there is no time to loose. 

The PeDreTea project was conceived in order to make a documentary about these fascinating stages of growth because even with all the wonderful media work we have collectively gathered about permaculture & ecovillage projects, this crucial & very basic part of the process is often ignored or described only superficially.  This means many people embark on such projects with un-realistic expectations and no useful tools to navigate the challenges of Transition to a healthynew way of life.

PeDreTea1 focused their land-design on the chicken-tractor garden


The 8thLife on-site team are available live on Skype to help you (and us) assess whether this programme is suitable for you & answer any questions you may have.

Please fill in the Application Form below to register your interest in this programme & to schedule an interview.   Then, if you decide this programme is for you:

1) The first step is to enroll, & start studying together the most radical & comprehensive permaculture curriculum that has been compiled over more than 20 years by many practitioners cooperating from around the world. The Integral PermaCulture Certificate, which is an action-learning advanced permaculture course. It comprised of both practical and theoretical elements, which doesn't require any previous qualifications.

This course starts online, whenever you enroll, takes about a year to complete (with an average of 1 class / unit per week for 50 weeks) & gets you designing for real from the very beginning, on the most important projects of your life.

2) The second step is to get the team together and prepare for the on-site adventure.  This is the first group real-life design challenge.  Finding, interviewing, selecting and training the members of any team is a basic  requirement for any project to work well, but one that most of us have never had any training or experience in designing something like this.  So this by itself will be a very valuable  part of the course, as the advice, theory, experience & expert mentoring will serve you very well for any future projects you embark on.

3) The third step is to draft clear group agreements & initial work-plans, prior to arriving on site.   This is another stage of team-building which people rarely design consciously or well, but which experience shows is essential to creating resilient, healthy & dynamic (sustainable!) teams of people. This can provide a framework for the group to work well together, creatively negotiating the most common challenges that invariably pop up - & so stay together & grow over the long-term.

At 8thLife we have a committment to document all of our designs & group processes, and a comprehensive internal wiki for this which spans some 10 years of work. This has resulted in a great team consolidating what is today an ambitious, dynamic & very creative permaculture project.   
So this wealth of information & experience is in itself a big learning resource  for anyone wishing to learn to implement solid & practical permaculture design - and the team will have all this wealth of support to draw on.

The big greenhouse project starting up 


You can enroll at any time from August 2016 & start the first & second steps of the project as soon as you wish.   We will allocate places on a first-come-first-served basis.

The date for coming on site depends on the group design results of the steps 2 & 3. 

In order to start with a viable group, we suggest these basic criteria:

A) minimum of 6 people (10 maximum) to have got to know each other & have worked together online for at least 1 month 

B) Each member of the team to have taken (ideally) all of the classes in the PeopleCare module, & at least the main group dynamics ones: 

This process could take anything from 1 to 3 months (more or less), depending on how much leadership & initiative the members of the group take.  So the date for the whole team coming on site is totally up to you!

Sketch of one of the big chicken-tractor gardens


We were very encouraged by the experience & results of PeDreTea1 (which ran from September 2015 to July 2016) to re-design this new project as  PeDreTea2.  

Since this experience confirmed to us quite strongly that training & mentoring are key components of success for a new group & project starting out, we decided to focus this time on the training component, choosing to include only people who see the value of studying the theory needed for the practice of permaculture.   

We also didn't collect as much multimedia process-diary material as we had hoped during PeDreTea1, so we added a big discount to PeDreTea2, for those who are willing to put in the time to create this valuable resource for the wider permaculture community.

The full course content will therefore include a comprehensive team-building social design side, which will be the main (& most challenging) group design.

This will include (optional*) each person keeping a blog / vlog of their own process which will help document (also for futher generations) the transformation stages that individuals grow through, when building effective teams and real community.

* this is a condition for the discounted price, & you may opt-out of this at any time.

The land-design side will emphasize the design & maintenance of forest gardens, including growing trees from seed & from other propagation methods. Each person will have one of the 8 forest gardens which comprise the site at present as their main personal land design.

We have other on-going additional designs you can choose from like the food-growing, animal husbandry or eco-building, depending on the length of your stay.

Some of the PeDreTea1 team helping a neighbour with the potato harvest


Work Exchange (volunteering) is the main contribution: all people living on site & enjoying our beautiful home are expected to do a minimum of 4 hours work per day (5 days per week) to restore ecosystems & increase the fertility of this land, in exchange for a much reduced accomodation cost.

For the PeDreTea2 team this will mean focusing on taking care of the forest gardens: raising, planting, mulching, watering & caring for trees, bushes & perennial herbs, swaling & other water-retention building works, & occasionally helping with other regular work on site (like gardening, animal-care, eco-building) if you wish.   This will all count towards your portfolio of practical designs, if you document your work.

For PeDreTea2 only, we offer a further discount  (see 2, below) if, in addition to the land-care volunteering work, you also contribute to the team-work & community-building media project by vlogging and blogging your experience of the team-building efforts (how you feel week to week, what you observe about yourself and your group process, what difficulties come up and how you resolve them, etc.)

The 8thLife Mission Statement in our music corner

600€ basic investment provides you with: 

1) the full Integral PermaCulture Certificate course (which comes with 1 year of mentoring support,  also before & after the on-site part of this programme, flexi-time).  561€ is the regular cost for the online one-year course, which you will keep the benefits of whatever happens to the group work (i.e. even if the on-site experience is a disaster, or your group never gels for whatever reason - both of which are very unlikely, just the worst-case scenarios - you can't loose).

2) & (for this PeDreTea2 project only) includes up to 6 months camping accomodation on site if you choose the discounted price option in exchange for keeping a personal blog / vlog to share (see above* ) as this could contribute material for the documentary we're creating about people in transition.  

You may choose to opt out of this discount option at any time & pay 100€ per month instead - with 4 hours volunteering exchange - or 249€ per month - without volunteering exchange  (the standard camping accomodation fee, which cover living costs like water, electricity, internet connection + materials & tools needed for the practical projects).

Note that other living costs like food & transport will be a self-managed extra & - based on past experience - we estimate will be around 400€ for 6 months. This could be less or more as it depends on what kind of diet and leisure habits you have.  The group will negotiate this and can budget together, as an additional interesting excercise in project management.  

So in total you need to budget for about 1,000€ for the full 6 months course with discounts - or 1,600€ to 2,094€ without discounts.  For those staying on site for less time, the food & personal expenses will of course be lower.

Sea side relax time


We are able to provide 2 half scholarships (of 500€ each) for people who 

1) couldn't participate in this programme without some financial assistance, 
2) are very excited about the aims & contents of this project, 
3) AND also have good (professional or semi-professional) media skills, in video-making & graphic design, 

on condition that they are able to take the lead in organizing the media output for the group.

Please indicate on the Application Form (under Anything else you'd like to add, last question) whether you would like to apply for one of these scholarships - & why you need one.

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Please fill in the Application Form at the bottom of this page to communicate your interest in this project & set up a Skype interview.


Since we are permaculture designers, we share the overall Vision of our movement:

PermaCulture Vision

To design a sustainable planet, fully expressing our 3 central ethics of Care of the Earth, Care of People & Care of the Future

In addition, each project & role that we have as conscious designers is an expression of a 'Mission', or particular way we aim to bring about the overall Vision.  We refer to our Mission regularly in order to stay on track.

PeDreTea Mission

To action-research & document in rich multi-media how it is possible to begin again, away from the conveniences and distractions of city life, to re-adapt civilized humans to a more indigenous & sustainable way of life.

8thLife Mission

We believe that 
stopping the destruction,
working to build soil,
restore ecosystems, 
heal our addictions,
change organizational structures
of the global economy
& learn to live in community
starting locally ...
are the 
most important & urgent
jobs to do now.

The Curriculum


The Integral PermaCulture Academy has developed - over the last 15 years and through an international collaboration of permaculture activists & teachers -  an advanced permaculture curriculum which includes an expanded People Care & EcoEconomy modules.

It also broadens the traditional Earth Care, Design & EcoTechnology parts of traditional permaculture curriculae by including the most up-to-date practice & science-based know-how available to us today.

Additionally, every chapter includes a social & personal perspective on every topic, making this the very holistic, broad-based & practical base that anyone embarking on transforming their lives and our society needs to have today.

The Manual


The 8thLife EcoVillage project is unique in having the Integral PermaCulture Designers Manual as the explicit base for all designs on site.

The ecovillage site in turn acts as an ongoing action-research project for this manual, which is also constantly updated and crowd-sourced through discussions open to all who wish to participate in the Integral PermaCulture facebook group.

This manual (which we call 'the e-book' for short) includes all of the classes (as slide-shares) and additional materials of the advanced permaculture curriculum described above.

The Manual is a great free online resource for anyone to explore & learn about every facet of transitioning our lives, families, communities & bioregions to more sustainable models.  

To Enroll

Enrolling on any course with the Integral PermaCulture Academy is an easy 3 step process, as described on the Enroll page of the Academy's web:

Then we will continue with the process (specific to this PeDreTea2 project) described in the How section of this page.

We're looking forward to seeing you on board! :)

Other Opportunities

There are other ways to join us in 8thLife for shorter times.


about volunteering & internship placements.