is a chaordic media network 
created with the mission to document the efforts of the 8th generation of the industrial era of civilization to walk the talk to a sustainable, planetary and renewed culture (a PermaCulture).

Will we get a 9th Life?
Who's working on this?
What will it look like?

To all Builders

of a new Planetary Culture:

We are in the process of building the 8thLife Medias Team, as an international collective of film-makers with a passion for documenting the adventures of permacultural change-agents all over the world.

We are looking for co-operatively minded media experts, filmmakers, designers, web-designers, social media networkers and generally loving community-minded people who are interested in colaborating with each other on a wider scale - rather than each on 'our own projects'.


As long-term permaculture activists (with no media background or personal exprtise in film-making), we are deeply grateful for the wonderful work done by many media people in bringing the news of Transition to a wider audience.
However, we also notice much repetition (the same kinds of films being made), often looking at various projects too superficially, giving a romanticized or simplistic view which in turn doesn't help people make realistic choices about their change of path. 

The PeDreTea project was conceived in order to (eventually) make a documentary about thefascintaing growing stages that we notice most people in transition need to go through, because even with all the wonderful media work we have collectively gathered about permaculture & ecovillage projects, this crucial & very basic part of the process is often ignored or described only superficially, which leads to many people embarking on such projects with un-realistic expectations and no useful tools to navigate the challenges towards a healthy Transition to a new way of life.

Our Story

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Definitions of Terms

Medias - means socks or stockings in Spanish (since we work bilingually, in both English and Spanish), and is an (incorrect) plural of 'media' in English - to emphasize we work in any creative way that communicates a message.   

Chaordic - the design of networks: no centre, but clear protocols about what we do and how we relate.  These definitions are all part of the protocols of 8thLife Medias, as is the basic statement of beliefs, above "We believe ..."  - click HERE for more techie details on 'chaordic'

PermaCulture - a holistic science to re-design our culture toward a sustainable planet, guided by clear ethics (Care of People, Earth & Future) - click HERE for more details


One thing we loved about the name, once we shortened 
"Permaculture Dream Team" to "PeDreTea" 
... is that it sounded a little like Magrathea, the legendary planet of planet-builders featured in the HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy 
... which we thought was kind of appropriate :)